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The African Collection from Always & Forever Gifts
High End Luxury Jewelry

The African continent has always been revered with a mystery about it.  Deep in the heart of our humanity lie the beginnings of our shared ancestry.  In more recent times, out of the heart of Africa comes diamonds and gold – raw and unrefined until formed into fine jewelry by craftsman worldwide.  Even today, Africa seems remote, unique, and even slightly dangerous to the adventurer.

Always & Forever Gifts is pleased to announce the African Collection.  In the spirit of creativity and expression of the finest Africa has to offer, you’ll find modern and stylish African jewelry that is sure to turn heads when you walk into the room.

Every piece in our collection is sourced from Kenya, Mali, South Africa, and more.  Each piece is unique and hand made.  These pieces not only reflect the regional and cultural characteristics of their artisan jewelers, they’re incredibly rare and very hard to get.

We have a special connection who has direct access to these artisan jewelers, who draw from their remote locations an unending well of inspiration.  The African Collection is made up of earrings, necklaces, and more modern and stylish jewelry that will turn heads and have you sticking out from the crowd with its beauty.