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  pandora charm bracelets Pandora Moments (Charms and Bracelets)

All Pandora charms are 50% OFF! A collection of sterling silver and 14kt gold bracelets and necklaces featuring hand-finished charms and beads made in sterling silver and 14kt gold with genuine gemstones, murano glass, enamel and wood. Check out the New Valentine's Day Charm Collection. We have a small supply of the 2014 Limited Edition Black Friday Charms left, order yours now.

  pandora stories Pandora Stories

All Pandora rings are 50% OFF! Elegant earrings, beautiful rings and necklaces that give you limitless possibilities for creating your own look and telling the world your story. Match the occasion and mirror your personality with the Pandora Stories collection.

  pandora essence Pandora Essence

All Pandora Essence is 50% OFF! The Pandora Essence collection is a new and innovative concept featuring a slender sterling silver bracelet with an accompanying assortment of delicate hand-finished sterling silver charms, each representing a personal value.

  pandora compose Pandora Compose Earrings

All Pandora Compose is 50% OFF! Combine, mix and match elegant earrings with Pandora's stunning Compose collection to give the world a glimpse of who you really are.