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Luminara Candles


Luminara is a candle for everywhere. An attractive, realistic flame effect candle which can be placed anywhere, without the worry or risks associated with real candles. Luminara candles are safe for pets, safe for children and great as a night light. The Luminara flickering fireless flame is different from any other flameless candle on the market. It is superior to other LED flameless candles, which do not show flame but instead have a random glowing light pattern hidden inside a wax or plastic shell.

Luminara Candles

Luminara 3 x 4 Wax Candles
3" x 4" Wax Candles
Luminara 3 x 6 Wax Candles
3" x 6" Wax Candles
Luminara 3 x 8 Wax Candles
3" x 8" Wax Candles
Luminara 3.5 x 5 Wax Candles
3.5" x 5" Wax Candles
Luminara 3.5 x 7 Wax Candles
3.5" x 7" Wax Candles
Luminara 4 x 9 Wax Candles
4" x 9" Wax Candles
Luminara Outdoor Candles
Outdoor Candles
Luminara Aquaflame Candles
Aquaflame Candles
Luminara Other Candles
Other Candles
Luminara Remote Control
Remote Control

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