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Bearington Bears Collection



In only 10 short years the Bearington Collection has made quite an impression on bear collectors around the world. Built on the idea that you should not have to sacrifice quality and collectibility in the name of excellent pricing, the Bearington Collection is committed to developing truly affordable and simply amazing collectible bears and other plush items.

You can shop online with us in confidence for the Bearington bears you know and trust because we are an authorized Bearington dealer.

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Bearington Bears
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The Bearington Collection History

The love of teddy bears drew the Stray family to the industry early on. Although they worked in sales for a number of respected industry leaders, they always dreamed of owning their own company. Betty (mother) and Jamie (daughter) are Bearington's primary designers. Artists by nature, they are always creating and improving upon designs. Jim (father) and Brad (son) are responsible for the general organization and operation of the Bearington Collection. The unique collaboration of the "designers" and the "organizers" is what unites the Bearington Collection to become what it is today.

Throughout the past ten years, the Stray family has worked side-by-side to create today's Bearington Collection that is loved by plush enthusiasts from around the world. While there have been lots of changes in the Bearington Collection product line over the past decade, the care and dedication put into creating charming plush items filled with personality has remained the same.

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